Tanning Tips for Mums

All hail the mums of the world! We know you are busy. We know your first priority is your precious babies. We also know that you deserve to feel and look your best at all times. Bondi Sands can help with this. A good tan never hurt anyone, let’s be honest! 

So what products do we have that may be good for all the baby mammas of the world? Plenty! Read on for more.

@tammyhembrow's Top Pick: One Hour Express Self Tanning Foam

The perfect product for the busy mums of the world. Pop this extremely quick drying product on your skin, wait an hour (or a bit longer if you want it darker) then wash it off. It will continue to develop over 8 hours as you run after the kids for the day. No mess, no fuss! You will be glowing and ready to take on the week looking your best! It will last roughly 5 – 7 days before you need to reapply.



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